Save as Archive

  • It would be incredibly helpful if in the HISE backend the function

    "Save as Archive "

    would be added.

    Example - You load a snippet into a new document. You want to save it.
    If the snippet already has a name, it will be saved under that name.
    But because this name often doesn't fit to what the snippet does - like for example "Preset" or „Test"
    Which forces you to rename it in Explorer or Finder or overwrite the already created file "Preset".
    or save it somewhere else.

    With "Save as Archive" I can choose the name myself and put it in the right place.

    Another advantage is: I could create versions of my work.
    For example: Save as Archive: "Version2" or so.

  • @MikeB - none of us are using the save archive functionality - and I Strongly recommend you dont either - use the save XML, and save XML as...

  • I do - but what is the point of creating a recovery from a .hip file if I don't have one.

  • @MikeB dont recover from a hip file recover from an xml file - in fact use git to make versions - and recover from them...

  • yes - that's what the professionals do - I'm not that far yet :-))

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