A few questions?

    1. Is it possible to make a button invisible but functional

    2. If I for 5 buttons one and the same filmstrip then it needs 5 x memory or only once?

    3. Is there a possibility to make the recording function of the midiplayer so that the recording only takes place when a note is pressed -
      i.e. Wait for Key?

    4. Is it possible to assign each note its own FX. Not all 88 but for example 8 notes

    1. Yes
    2. Once
    3. Yes. Use this in the onNoteOn callback and pass in the timestamp Message.getTimestamp() for ultimate precision.
    4. There are a few polyphonic effects (and with scriptnode you can create other ones), but most effects in HISE operate on the stereo sum.

  • Thanks for your quick answer

    1. how - that is not succeeded with me so far
    2. great that is great
    3. is there a snippet or a few lines of code here?
    4. i meant e.g. you have a bassdrum on C3, a snare on D3, a hihat on etc.
      Now I would like to apply some effects like reverb or delay only to the bass drum. Another reverb or delay for the snare etc.

    1. Ah you meant, make it clickable, but not appear on the interface? Just use an empty image as filmstrip
    2. Use separate samplers for drums that you want to process differently. If you turn down the voice amount, the overhead is neglible.

    1. yes that's what I meant. I have already tried the trick with the empty filmstrip successfully. - Therefore question 2.
      I just thought maybe there is a way without a filmstrip.

    2. so quasi for each instrument a separate sampler = in my case 8 samplers.
      That's ok? - there are no performance problems
      Is e.g. for a bass drum a VoiceAmount of 1 ? enough - or should it be more?

  • @MikeB

    for a bass drum a VoiceAmount of 1 ? enough - or should it be more?

    Almost certainly more, unless you want it to be completely monophonic.

  • With 8 instruments I can divide the 256 voices by 8 would be 32 voices for each sampler/instrument.
    as an example OK?

  • @MikeB Sounds reasonable but there is no way to know what is perfect for your project until you try it.

  • Yes 8 samplers with 32 Voices in average is fine. You might want to use more for longer cymbals though

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