Mac M1 Logic .au ???

  • hello after weeks of research on how to make plugins work under logic mac M1 I decided to try to compile a .au separate from vst and with only the arm64 options of juce checked. the compilation was successful but the compilation time scared me. when I compile a vst or normally (intel and arm checked on juce) the compilation lasts about 10 minutes. when i check only arm in juce the compilation lasts only 1 second but successfully. I specify that I am with mac 10.14 mojave and xcode 10.3. proud of me j send my vst to a logic mac m1 tester, and the same problem it does not work, does not appear. so i saw people here compiling from mac intel for mac m1 and telling me it works. actually all my plugins work on mac m1 except logic. from what I understand it is that the logic does not support rosetta so I do not see how it can work other than to compile from a mac m1. Does anyone really know how to do it?

  • @yall I think from post in other forums(KVRAudio) that Logic on M1 will only run plugins that have been compiled on M1, I assume there is some sort of flag in the executable that Logic looks at, the commentary was "yet another Apple tactic to get people to by their latest hardware.."

  • @Lindon their thing is really not great. did you see something that spoke of a universal binary for compilation?

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