Preset Browser function (I'm not exactly sure what I'm asking for!)

  • Is there a way to reference the action of changing preset (using the HISE preset browser)?

    As far as I can work out when you change preset HISE loads the preset settings before running your script. I get pops and clicks from a ShapeFX module in my project when changing presets.

    I have a solution for using custom 'next / previous' preset buttons; which is to have those buttons set the ShapeFX mix to 0 and then run a timer which delays the 'Engine.loadNextUserPreset(1);' command.

    However this won't work for selecting presets within the browser itself, as it seems to set the preset settings before running the script (I've tried using the callback assigned to the knob which changes preset name label).

    So I'm looking for a kind of:

    If (PresetBrowserchanges)

    Any help much appreciated 🙂


  • Why not tackle the cause instead of the symptom. What causes the pops and clicks?

  • @d-healey It's a custom curve ShapeFX - i.e each preset has a different curve drawn. Changing the curve or plotting new nodes often results in pops and clicks.

    I can't see a way round it unfortunately

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