How to save a project mid-term so it can be opened later and continued?

  • Hi - this seems to be a very basic question but I have been unable to find an answer.
    I've been working through the tutorial, using HISE 1.0.0 but have not yet found a method whereby I can save and close a project mid-term and come back to it later, maybe the next day and continue where I left off.

    I have tried various computations, but nothing seems to work completely successfully. Here's what I have tried (documented as I went):

    1. Create new project
    2. Follow Tutorial to drag in samples to Sample Map Editor:
      Want to save project now. Click ’Close project’ window appears with ’Discard the current Preset – the current preset will be discarded’

    If click cancel – back to project unaltered.
    If click OK, back to project (unaltered and not closed) but close project option under ’File’ is greyed out….
    3. Click Save and message box appears: ’Save Master Chain – do you want to save this preset:

    Click cancel and back to project unaltered
    Click OK, enter name for preset. Call it Test1 – back to project unaltered but no preset appears under Presets or UserPresets in file browser – where did it go?
    4. Click Save As, enter name Test1 and get message – do you want to overwrite file Test1.hip
    Say no and back to project, say yes, back to project (close project still greyed out) and still no file under Presets / UserPresets.
    Select ’Save current state as new user preset’ and again no files appear under either sub directory.
    5. Select Quit (no option available to close project) – message box ’Do You Want To Quit OK/Cancel’
    Select Cancel – remains unaltered
    Select OK – HISE closes.

    Restart HISE
    Load project Test1 – as if new project but project properties and user settings as created initially.
    No info in master chain – eg, samples not loaded, nothing in sample workspace, everything lost……

    Repeat process as above from tutorial, but take next step – eg Fix Mapping and drag 2 octaves up, save as monolithic file named Test1.
    Cannot see either .xml file in SampleMaps or .ch1 in Samples via HISE – but using file explorer in Windows both files are present…..

    Add velocity modulator as per tutorial, then archive project as zip file (
    Save from File menu as Test1b.
    Close project and close HISE

    Restart HISE
    Load Project (Test1) again empty
    Open file from project (lists a number of autosaves + Test1b)
    Select Test1b and all back except – no sound from keyboard although samples are present and velocity modulator as added is present on main workspace view. Sample Workspace view is empty however, until click on ’up/down’ arrow and select ’Sampler’ from 2 options Disconnect or Sampler, when samples appear, but again no sound when clicking on keyboard or playing midi keyboard.
    Closed project and quit HISE

    There must be something I'm missing - it cannot be so difficult to be able to save a project and then re-open it again to continue at the same point at a later date or time without having to go back and recreate the previous work.....

  • Go to file >> save, or press ctrl+s to save your preset. There is a naming complication with HISE, there are two types of preset. Your HISE project file with the .hip extension is called a preset and is the file you save and load to build your instrument (these should appear in the Presets folder). The user presets with the .preset extension are accessible from the preset browser and are for the user to use to create snapshots of the instrument interface. You might find the project management tutorial helpful -

  • Hi and thanks for responding. yes, I've downloaded and watched your video a number of times, but I still have the problem of no sound when I re-open my preset file....
    These are the steps I've taken again today:

    1. Open HISE
    2. Create new project folder (Organ) version 1.0.0
    3. Copy MusicBox samples into Samples folder under Organ project
    4. Master Chain, click ’+’ and select ’Sampler’
    5. Switch to dedicated Sampler workspace view.
    6. Double-click Samples folder, select all and drag to Sample map editing area.
    7. Select File Token Parser, click OK and set Tokens to:
      Single Key
      Low Velocity
      High Velocity
    8. Fix mapping – lassoo all samples and click Close vertical gaps; Move selection up 2 octaves..
    9. Export as HLAC Monolith, named OrganMap, low file size….
    10. At this stage have sound from using both midi keyboard or on screen keyboard (using mouse).

    Now wish to save this in its working state, so:

    1. Save file as xml backup (OrganBackup.xml) in XmlPresetBackups folder
    2. Cancel on next two boxes.. ( )
    3. File → Save → OrganBackup preset.
    4. Now have the following extra files:
      OrganMap.ch1 in ’Samples’ folder in addition to the MusicBox samples copied in earlier
      OrganMap.xml in ’SampleMaps’ folder
      OrganBackup.hip in ’Presets’ folder (together with a series of Autosave_n.hip files)
      OrganBackup.xml in ’XmlPresetBackups’ folder
    5. File → Close Project. ’The current preset will be discarded’ - click OK as already saved preset
    6. Close HISE

    Now try to reload as a work in progress project…..

    1. Open HISE
    2. Load Project (Organ) – nothing appears…..
    3. Open xml backup – select OrganBackup.xml from XmlPresetsBackup folder, nothing happens…..
    4. Open file OrganBackup.hip from Presets folder – shows the samples in the Map Editor in the Sampler – but no sound from either midi keyboard or by using mouse on the on-screen keyboard….
    5. Checked Audio device settings from ’View’ Menu. All seems to be correct and sound produced when the ’Test’ button is pressed.

    There must be some simple mistake I am making that is killing the output after I have loaded in the .hip file but for the life of me I cannot find what that is...

    Any help from anyone would be wonderful - at this stage I'm simply going around in circles. If I'm unable to reload a working project I may as well give up, which would be a shame after all the effort that has gone in to building HISE - not to mention all the hours I've wasted trying to solve what is surely a very basic problem....

  • I may have found the answer!
    Just tried again, starting from scratch as far as saving as a preset, but then this time instead of loading the project (step 2 in the reload as work in progress section) after restarting HISE, I simply opened the .hip file without doing anything else, and there was my project as I had left it, with working sound from mouse and midi keyboard.
    It seems that the 'Load Project' option under Files is not necessary and indeed stuffs up the sound from the project - all that is required is to load the .hip preset file.....
    It takes a while to get used to the terminology used - I had assumed that loading a project would re-load a previously closed project in the state that it was when closed, but obviously not so. So really the preset is a backup of the project at a certain state and if I want to go back to a selected point in the project development, as long as I have saved a preset at that point (with a suitable name) I just need to load that particular preset.
    Now I'll continue with the tutorial, saving a preset at various stages and see what happens when I restore from each.....

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