Notarization windows ? Really?

  • Hi, I saw a post on this subject but I can't see it again. one of my tester had a slight problem installing a vst instruments. I created an installer (windows) with inno setup which works. but the antivirus blocks the installation because it considers my plugin dangerous (NASA is watching me ^^). Is there a windows notarization procedure? or a code signing? until now I have never had this problem. my tester simply turned off his antivirus and it worked. I searched the internet for some information and found a lot of stuff that would allow you to sign plugins. but the prices were really expensive. (I saw subjects where they spoke of 1000 to 3000 dollars I was a little afraid ^^). Anyone have any info on this topic?

  • @yall - so yes , just like the Mac you can use a "developer installation" certificate to "authorise" your plugin - there's even a set of tools supplied by MS to do it. First however you will need a certificate - from one of the trusted issuing authorities.

    You will need it in the form of a .p12 file. Now the Mac already produces a certificate in either this form , or a form that can be translated to this format - however - you cant (I think) use it because Windows doesn't recognise Apple as a trusted signing authority. So you will have to go pay for one.

    This is the cheapest I found:

  • @Lindon actually much cheaper than what I had seen. I already have my .p12 on mac. pity that this is not compatible. I will wait before incurring too many costs ^^ but I keep this link under the elbow. thank you

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