AU wont load? - get this as a reason.........

  • OK, so I just spent a frustrating and pointless morning with an AU loaded into HISE fine, it compiled fine, it showed up in the correct spot fine, but....

    It wouldn't show up in Reaper, or in pluginval

    I kept rebuilding it tweaking bits here and there -- nothing.

    Until I noticed it was the ONLY AU plugin in the folder thats DIDN'T have a capital letter as its first character, here's its name:


    ....yep that wont load or be found by any DAW I have, so I changed its name to this:


    ...and sure enough it loads perfectly. Worse, inside the DAW it shows up as "minipol". So thats actually an OK name to call your plugin....

    Apple!!!! Apple!!! What were you thinking???!!!!

    So if your AU wont show up anywhere, check it starts with a cap letter.....

  • @Lindon what if it's all uppercase and doesn't appear? ^^ I just sent to test a mac M1 user, a vsti and an FX under Format. Vst, vst3 and componants. All work once notarized except the components (only with Logic). Reaper accepts them all.

  • @yall yeah, this wasn't my attempt to fix your problem here.... just to identify something you might try - so try it - if that doesn't fix your problem, keep looking...

  • @Lindon yes I know no one has come to understand this thing with logic. but I will try to put a single capital letter 🙂

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