monophonic filter vs polyphonic filter

  • I'm not actually sure what the difference is between the two. Is it that the poly filter works with multi-channel samples while the mono filter only works with mono files? I noticed we can now choose between mono and poly mode envelopes too so does the same apply to them? and I figure we can use mono envelopes to modulate mono filters?

  • No the polyphonic filter is calculated per voice while the monophonic filter is rendered over the output.

    You need the polyphonic filter if you modulate the frequency per voice (eg. with velocity modulators or envelopes). If not, you can save huge amounts of CPU by using the monophonic filter.

    The monophonic filter is stereo only, while the polyphonic filter renders all channels (if you need monophonic multichannel filters, just duplicate them).

  • Aha I see, and how does the envelope mono/poly mode affect things?

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