A-440 generator

  • Well I have a blank space on my GUI but I have already almost all functions possible, so I'm looking for a not very important thing: make an A-440 button generator, as on the Minimoog:


    See there's an A-440 button 😄

    I have added a sine wave synth with my sampler but I don't know how to make it like this:

    • Not affected by midi notes played
    • No envelope at all: a single note played non-stop (The sound will be cut with the button)

    I have yet an idea to cut the volume while clicing on the button on/off, but not for the two things just above.

    Can I have your help?


  • administrators

    This should be straight forward. Add a script with a button to the sine generator and call Midi.ignoreEvent(true); in both the note on and note off callback. Then use Synth.playNote(45, 127) and Synth.noteOffByEventId() in the button callback.

    You can control this script from your main interface just like any other module then.

  • Thanks I'll try that 🙂

  • I found something better than Synth.noteOffByEventId() !
    Just have to assign the button to Sine Wave Generator, and then connect to 'gain'.
    0=no volume, 1= volume 🙂
    Thx 😄





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