Sample state:

  • OK struggling with a beta testing problem.

    I have a Mac app that crashes for the tester but not me.

    So It loads 10 sample maps into 10 samplers on start up - and never re-loads any.

    So I wanted to check that all the samples were correctly loaded...

    I tried

    ScriptPanel.setLoadingCallback(var loadingCallback)

    but this never executes in the compiled app - because by the time we get there it seems to think its finished loading... by this I mean:

    start app..
    init loads the samples
    init starts the setLoadingCallback...

    So this isnt what I'm looking for - what I need is a check to see if the sample map has loaded correctly (fully) do we have a way to do this?

  • Other than playing each key I can't think of a way to verify that it's loaded correctly from with the plugin. There are some functions to check if keys have samples mapped but I don't think that would help.

    You might be able to do it by building a standalone build in xcode with debugging symbols enabled and that might show in the output as each sample is loaded...

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