SFZ Import in Sampler

  • Hi Christoph,

    I've had a freeze/crash in the x64 build of HISE backend when using the SFZ Import option in the sampler-

    System Details: Windows 7 Professional, SP1. HISE Standalone x64

    STR (Steps to reproduce):

    • Open HISE x64
    • Add Sampler
    • Click 'Import from SFZ"
    • Select SFZ (I am using the SFZ's I generated for Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2: Community Edition, found here, I tried several instruments)
    • Freeze occurs


    • Freeze ("Hise Standalone has stopped working…")

    ER (Expected result):

    • Not freeze/crash

    You can access the precise instruments and samples I used for the test at the link above. They work fine in Sforzando and ARIA and are highly SFZ 2.0 compliant. Perhaps I am to assume this is an ALPHA feature that has not been fully implemented yet and the crash is expected? If you need any materials regarding SFZ generation/structure, I'd be glad to help.

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    Hi Samulis,

    thanks I look into it. Which build version are you using?

  • administrators

    Alright, I checked the SFZs. It seems that comments that are not the beginning of a line weren't parsed correctly, which is fixed now.

    Attached is a SFZ with all comments regexes out (renamed to .txt to allow upload). Can you check if it still crashes on your machine?

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