While I try to get started...

  • ... what's the status on HISE player, anyway? From a little bit of searching turns up that it's been abandoned, right?

    Is it possible to make something LIKE a HISE player that loads instruments/interfaces from a user selection? Or would I have to dive into HISE's source code to get something like that put together? I'm not exactly clear on the extent of what's possible from within HISE.

    I have some plans for stuff for personal use, but I don't like having a ton of different VSTs cluttering things up.

  • you can download the app here: http://hise.audio/download.php to give it a test only thing you can't do is export and it's an older version. You can open source the project or buy a commercial license. why dont you outline what your plans are and people may be able to help you further

  • @ospfeigrp I think I lined out what I'm curious about clearly enough; the state of HISE player specifically and whether something similar is possible from within HISE. Which is not on the download page, I was aware that there is a very-out-of-date release of the HISE editor. It's the scrapped version of HISE that worked a little bit like Kontakt where you load instrument libraries, not VST plugins.

  • HISE player is not under active development and there are no release versions of it. It should be taken off the homepage for now but there's only one Christoph and he's a busy guy, Dominik used to take care of the website stuff but he hasn't been around for a while...

    You can load additional content into HISE using expansions. Making a player plugin is possible but it's not a task for a beginner. It would be difficult to make a player plugin that can load different types of instruments, like woodwinds, percussion, strings, etc. because these all require different features, however making a more generic player where each expansion has the same set of features wouldn't be too hard.

    Making multiple VSTs is an easier development route, starting out. One advantage of having separate plugins is that your DAW's plugin manager will be able to organise them and provide search functionality that would be difficult to implement yourself - of course this depends on the DAW's capabilities too. It's also easy to distribute separate plugins as currently there is no easy way for the end user to install expansions, but hopefully that will change soon.

  • @d-healey Got it - I was just wondering if it was possible. Maybe one VST per 'type' of instrument that needs the same set of features is reasonable, too. Of course I can't dive headfirst and do everything I want at first, but I'm not a stranger to the learning curve of software development. It's just helpful in figuring out which direction I should take my learning.

  • @AudioHobbyist said in While I try to get started...:

    @d-healey Maybe one VST per 'type' of instrument that needs the same set of features is reasonable, too.

    This is a very good approach I think. It also leads to more efficient design.

  • Just noticed - HISE still has an option 'export for HISE player' under 'export'.
    Also 'ScriptNode Syntesiser' and 'Syntesizer Group' are misspelled.

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