trying to search an array for string using indexOf() but only return exact matches

  • Do we have another way to just search for string in an array like the .find function.
    I was trying to filter certain samplemaps and populate in a combo dropdown if any element in the array started with "snare" for example.

    const var samplemaps = Sampler.getSampleMapList();

    the above returns all samplemaps in the samplemaps folder what i am asking is do we have a way of filtering so only all sample maps beginning with the string "snare" populate the combobox?

  • You can use both .contains() and .indexOf() to find values in arrays.

  • @d-healey thanks

    const var samplemaps = Sampler.getSampleMapList();
    var test = samplemaps;
    if(test.indexOf('bas')>= 0){
      basscombo.set("items", test[test.indexOf("bas")]);

    this will return the samplemap bass.xml on it's own. i guess i need to wrap this in a for loop. Thanks anyway i think i understand it now

  • You could join the array into a single string and use Engine.getRegexMatches to get all matches as an array.

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