Make a SFZ Import Button?

  • Hello

    first i'm new to HISE and i wanna say i love it, it's very great to play with and it really help me learning Vst plugin .

    so i'm trying to make a simple piano vst but now i'm trying to add an SFZ button import(i would like to make the vst just a SFZ player if possible, so people can import their SFZ piano library inside) the thing is i don't really know how to do that or where to start.

  • I don't think there is anyway to do that with HISE. You can import SFZ sample mapping into the HISE mapping editor to create a sample map, but this is not something that an end user can do.

  • is this in vst - if so you have to parse the sfz file and map them with a script otherwise you can import the .sfz file in hise sample, save them as native samplemaps etc

  • @d-healey Yeah i've seen the sampler can import SFZ, i wanted to be able to do that on the exported vst like for the user to be able to import SFZ, but it's fine if i can't do that i'll stay with having my insturments inside the sampler, if there is a way through scripting or something i'll have to learn more on that later

    Thanks for your repply and also for your tutorials they helped me start with HISE ❤

  • @Lorrislehorse I guess technically you could write an SFZ parser in HISE script and simulate the various opcodes using HISE modules and scripting, but it would be much easier to write one in C++ or just use an existing one like SFIZZ.

  • @d-healey I could try that, actually at first i would just want to get the velocity and keys of the samples nothing too advanced yet, i plan to make an Fx rack with HISE modules

  • @Lorrislehorse You'd still have the issue that you can't load in samples that aren't part of a sample map, so the end user wouldn't be able to load in an SFZ file.

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