Script Review Service

  • Just thought I'd float the idea of how some of you script wizards might be able to help the less skilled of us in the Hise community! Of course there is a huge amount of resources on the forum already, but having someone review your final (nearly final) script and make suggestions on how to improve it and where it's going wrong, as well as provide examples of correct / efficient scripting methods, for a fee, could be beneficial.

    Any thoughts welcome 🙂

  • For small scripts this would be doable. For large, complex scripts it would essentially require the "reviewer" to rewrite the script and rename/rearrange modules. It would be better to bring someone in at the start of the project, either to write the script or to act as a consultant and make sure you're starting on the right path at the beginning.

  • @d-healey Sure - it was more of an educational idea, like marking homework, but more interactive and helpful.

    For example, I do 1 to 1 sessions with students to help make their tracks better. If they have a track that they're working on already I'll suggest we do a few sessions on that track together, so they can see me talk through aspects of their production or song writing or sound design that could be improved, and then watch me execute those ideas. I don't want to rewrite their track, it's theirs, but they learn a lot from seeing their own work be adjusted.

    I also tell them what's really good about the track, what to leave alone etc.

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