Multiple instrument plugins

  • Is it possible to create, for example, a "guitar" plugin where one of the presets is represented as classic guitar, and the other one - with banjo samples? In case it's possible, could I get some hints on how-to do this or there is a need for an individual plugin for each instrument?

  • Hi,

    yes, this is possible. In fact, HISE has included some architectural features that makes this kind of instrument pretty straightforward.

    The core of this system are dynamically swappable sample sets called SampleMap which can be loaded into a Sampler module via scripting. A sample map is just an XML file that contains the mapping of samples that can be loaded into a Sampler. You can create SampleMaps with the save button in the sampler interface. They can be stored independently from the instrument (that's why there is a SampleMaps subfolder in each Project directory.

    If you want to swap samples, just use the Sampler.loadSampleMap() scripting method with the filename (you can use Sampler.getSampleMapList() for a list of all available sample maps).

    If you need more details, I'll add a example instrument in the HISE repository which uses this feature.

  • Thanks for the reply,
    and yes, I will deeply appreciate if you could add a corresponding example instrument in the repository.

  • My samplemap's name is "solo campana" how I Call this samplemap

    Sampler.loadSampleMap(solo campana);

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