How Difficult is this?

  • Howdy friends. I have a guitar library for Kontakt already out, and I've been noodling with the idea of making a second, more advanced version in HISE. I'm just not sure how difficult some of my ideas will be, so if anyone's done anything like them please let me know if it was a massive pain 😉

    2-Way Communication Between DAW MIDI Clip and Plugins MIDI Sequencer

    User creates a MIDI clip in the DAW, writes some notes in, then later on adjusts the notes but decides to do it within the plugin's sequencer. DAW updates as the notes are edited.

    Right Click options for Plugin MIDI Sequencer that adjust Articulation/Velocities of the DAW Midi Clip

    User finds the notes that they wish to change inside the Plugin Sequencer, right clicks to select an articulation type, DAW updates the velocity of the selected note(s) respective to the selected articulation.

    Marquee select for Sequencer

    User has multiple notes they wish to change, they drag a box around them to select them and make adjustments.

    I'm sure some of them are approachable, but I'd like to know if anyone's dealt with similar things before I even decide to pursue the idea, cheers 🙂

  • @iamlamprey I might have wrong but I don't think updating the DAW <-> Plugin is doable in any way.

    1. no, I don't even know any plugin that can do such a thing, do you have an example?
    2. First part for the right-click you'll need to run your own midi panel, the second part -> see 1.
    3. Doable with your own midi scripted panel but be ready for a minimum of 300 lines mouse callback, with complex object handling and paint routine.

    I hope for you I'm wrong with some of that 🙂

  • @ustk Hmm I thought EZBass could do 2-way but turns out I was wrong, the user writes in the plugin then drags the MIDI info out to the DAW like your standard groove player setup.

    I guess the technology isn't there yet 😕 maybe MPE or something is the way to go...

  • @iamlamprey I don't think MPE has anything to do with that. The problem is that no DAWs have the same protocol so I don't see a bidirectional communication coming soon, at least not for complex things. It is apparently already a pain to get a track name from a plugin so imagine midi containers with full data information...

  • @iamlamprey Drag'n'Drop is the way to go

  • @ustk Alrighty, cheers for that 🙂

  • @ustk Hi! Is Drag'n'Drop possible? I mean Drag'n'Drop from a Hise plugin to DAW.
    Till now i never saw in the forum a topic covering this.

  • @DimitrisSP try and tell us ☺

  • @ustk Ok man! Many thanks!

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