VST SDK is missing.

  • Greetings, I'm in need of a beginner-level help.
    I've been following the tutorial and I am currently stuck at the last page of it, where a list of tools is needed to export the plugin. It was clear that in the compiler settings I had to set the HISE SDK path, but what should I do with VST SDK? In the pack downloaded from steinberg website I had found 2 installation files according to my 64x system (VST3PluginTestHost_x64.msi and Generic_Lower_Latency_ASIO_Driver_64bit.msi) but installing them didn't bring any effect. What should I do to fix this issue?
    P.S. Sorry for a noob question.

  • Go to this site - https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/developers.html, download VST 3.6.7 Audio Plug-Ins SDK (Format: zip, 66.6 MB) .

    Extract the zip file to your desktop. If I remember correctly you should then run copy_vst2_to_vst3_sdk.bat.

    Place the VST3_SDK folder in the HISE >> tools >> SDK folder.

    You can then delete all the other files you downloaded in the first step, they are no longer needed.

  • Thanks for the quick reply, but I didn't find tools\SDK folders neither in HISE installation directory nor Roaming\HISE . I tried to create them in a way like this: C:\Program Files\HISE\tools\SDK and paste VST3_SDK folder in there but it didn't work.

  • Oh right, I thought you were trying to build HISE, I'm not sure where you need to put the SDK then, better wait for Christoph to answer.

  • Hi,

    you need the source code for HISE to export plugins. If you're using the 1.0.0 version from the download site, you'll need to download and extract this archive:


    You'll find the /tools/SDK folder in there. From then on follow David's advice.

  • I have got the same problem to the Mac 10.12.6 while i did the above but when export standalone,it shows "You can’t open the application because it may be damaged or incomplete".

  • I have managed to build HISE using the github instructions, but the error still persists in the freshly compiled HISE (I tried that on 2 different PCs). I added the VST_SDK3 projucer path in the following way, but it didn't work. I also tried adding the path in this ../../tools/SDK/VST3_SDK way but it did not help either.
    alt text
    P.S. ASIO SDK is also mentioned in github instruction (that I should get it), but there is no further mentioning on what shall be done with it. I would like to get any suggestions on what am I doing wrong, thanks!

  • When you extract the HISE source code in Tutorial5 you'll find a Readme.md file in HISE-master > tools > SDK. Perhaps this helps you with hooking up the SDKs (it did for me :)). ( i have ASIOSDK2.3 and VST3 SDK in this folder)

    When you start the Projucer in HISE-master > tools > projucer, open the HISE Standalone project in HISE-master > projects > standalone > HISE Standalone.jucer and click the save project and open in IDE in the Projucer (assuming everything went well) you should be able to compile HISE and also be ready to compile plugins and standalones built with HISE.

    hope that helps a bit,

  • i have the same problem i paste vst3 sdk on hise tool but its not working

  • See Chris's post... https://forum.hise.audio/topic/1444/vst-export-failed/4
    Projucer settings:
    Path to JUCE
    JUCE modules
    VST (Legacy) SDK
    to..your..Hise...SDK..Folder/tools/SDK/VST3 SDK

    Using scriptnode branch.

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