Sampler offset by 1 octave ?

  • Is the sampler offsetting the note by 1 octave or am I just dumb? (If you select the second option I will haunt you 😛 )
    All my tests (calculation and audition) show that I need to map samples 1 octave lower to get the right sound...

    Lets take an example of a .wav with a length of 256 samples at 44.1k
    44.1/256 = 172.27Hz, so -> E3 -77ct
    But in the sampler, I have to set the root to E2 -77ct to get it right (checked with a sinewave generator at octave 0)

    Or is the sinewave generator wrong and the sampler right?

  • From Wikipedia

    Note that for a classical piano and musical theory, the middle C is usually labelled as C4; However, in the MIDI standard definition (like the one used in Apple's GarageBand), this middle C (261.626 Hz) is labelled C3. In practice, a MIDI software can label middle C (261.626 Hz) as C3-C5, which can cause confusion, especially for beginners.

    This is why I always use MIDI note numbers instead of note names.

    Perhaps the sinewave gen and the sampler aren't using the same standard?

  • @d-healey Yeah so a different standard then. The sinewave is at classical standard while the sampler is "Garageband midi standard like"

  • @d-healey I'm confused so I'm definitely a beginner 😛

  • @ustk said in Sampler offset by 1 octave ?:

    @d-healey I'm confused so I'm definitely a beginner 😛

    its actually Yamahas fault -------

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