Interface size

  • OK, final one(for now)…

    The UI seems to be limited to 500 pixels high, I know this at first look seems fine, but truth is --- I'm already squeezing stuff hard to fit in Kontakt's 530 pixels, so 600+ would be really really nice...

  • Yes, this is no problem.

    I am not sure about the default width though. For a neat KONTAKT compatibility, the 633 pixel width would smooth out the process for people who want to transfer their KONTAKT libraries to HISE, but on the other hand a little more space should be better - especially considering that KONTAKT was designed back in the days when Retina displays were something like the hoverboard.

  • I really really would not worry about "transfer their Kontakt Libraries" - all of us who build pro libraries would gladly trade a little rework on an existing product for more usable space in the interface. Of course there has to be some limit to how big a VST interface should be, and setting the width to some silly big number seems, well, silly. But in the end if you just set the vertical limit to (say) 650 and allow that to be the dimension that can be programatically changed then setting the width to the kontkat 633 should be fine…

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