Combo Box Orientation and Sub menu

  • How can I list Items Horizontally. How can I create Sub Menu in ComboBox?
    ComboBox Orientation and Sub menu.jpg
    How to create something like this? And Sub Menu Like CB.jpg

  • @Tania-Ghosh Viewports and panels.

  • @d-healey Frankly, I have not been expert to make such things ( not possible without your guidance) ! HISE is vast and I am doing it for one month. Can I have some tutorials? or Code or Snippet?

  • @Tania-Ghosh

    I have not been expert to make such things

    Then don't do it, wait until you have more experience. Start with easier things.

    Can I have some tutorials? or Code or Snippet?

    I've never done it, it's difficult!

  • @Tania-Ghosh This Already Done By @Christoph-Hart 🙂

    @Christoph-Hart said in ComboBox Sub Categories:

    Again: ScriptPanel to the rescue 🙂

    HiseSnippet 953.3ocsVs0aaaCElxwpqVatnEXOsmDxS1XcF1oIcCoXXowIYvXyIF0cA6sBFoisHBEolHURMJBv9Iu+AamitDY64l0ZfI8hN2+H424PMIUG.FiNk4z5sKR.lyW4NcgxFMLhKTrQmvbdh6XtwBo9EpNdQB2XfPliyN+LovoUSV9ye8SGykbU.TqhwtTKBfeUDKr0ZmbzuHjxy3gvaEwK489GMJPqFpk5LDO631mkvCtlOGNmSt0vk47nSCEVc5TK2BFzmi0gKlFouUU3+kBi3JIPBCXSwDUnlMLRHCmTsVMLlSyI0q7cJV4es6XQn3d806.OM2fecDKuG3zXUH0bEHM3iAoyzxPJAeD34rD7ZV.um4NMHUjXqsPX6KcGovCmYbbaeYXU3Kqw2zvcnF8PY6EyuFNKEEtOhNure+m6eP+9ceUaO5UnjBE3OKSEXEZkuVMgq.4.JEoZYm.cbhVgI6492vkYP21densWKzrQKgdIoBksytSAIDXgP+QVH1ezIG5uq+2VF.VHe7os2c4krBayA6vpb2Y2hhta2dFRcdoGxkxqP1Pm0fTExQhiwh0H0uvr+O5+v4NOtBApLi0YF39hTsAzAtACpq2G7ZYiDFxwKokQg9dofISZoTUXNHhqlCgcpVkd208UdKsYdt1BWn5jmOu677W2zrYazV4RUBoazL0Dk9PA1QkEeEjVclU4HxrVk59nOMpaPw95RNpUiTB6EIPobM4dvFH2rxCFhlWhPzUaNIucEImNXXBLGO1s3PhkCdliqyWPyJ9sQmvs7pTfYCqPBjZEzBw4D3FbrSQeSK2S.y0VcRtuk7.rw4+rfumJ1sXsVPenvOtUDZiHgm3vXQfXdT8Ts+bzQH6QeaEGxPSNyw16s9iAUFKQmjkPeQsEn4+vcZ1Uj7fCOjTMvaU48VS9EqIu+ZxGTIu2Z4qTduBDbg5MDvGJEAWSSJtGVuVJliGfNML7afQpIH6FrjL6eOLBGIpCyjb6pyIoKDJMfLvUFHQCcTFgcwxWX7YL7r+FGdtQ90mHbel6DgMHZy3swFvKx19+FukWE018zYyvYn0fso6Y+91duymATdiNyJTyGysoBh+edV7T713..QhB6JLD6uA0CWH2mjoclofJLW3uwmRiCHYmRiCpLxh4Ao52ETz4SW183bMHlT42y2B+gCT1utk2seu9rX7N32EDPaEeGh8MGydaQLuXKhY+sHlC1hXd4VDy2uEw7COXLzu+75LqNtnMAUL4z7wuNNmp3HKKmQx9GfB0W6I

    Set these properties of the panel to make it create a nested context menu:

      "popupMenuItems": "SubMenu1::Item1\nSubMenu1::Item2\nSubMenu1::Item3\nSubMenu1::Item4\nSubMenu1::Item5\nSubMenu2::Item1\nSubMenu2::Item2",
      "allowCallbacks": "Context Menu",
      "popupMenuAlign": true,
      "popupOnRightClick": false

    As you can see in the popupMenuItems property, using the Menu::Item syntax creates a nested menu. The numbers are consecutively.

  • @Natan Thank you... Got the Starting point. That what I was looking for.
    @d-healey "Then don't do it, wait until you have more experience. Start with easier things." :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:
    Wait for more Experience == Upgrading Cooking experience ("Saahi Kaabab" or "Traditional Chicken Curry")

    Start with Easier things == Start with Coffee instead fancy dinner items !! 😉

    Apart from HISE the experiences so far.

    I am doing "How to change sample maps with presets in HISE" from your YT Video. The whole point is to know about ComboBox nested menu. I have 200 sample maps and they are out of screen boundary. So I can't wait for more experience 🙂
    I need to go further.

  • @Tania-Ghosh Don't use a combo box for that many, use a knob instead. Assuming the preset is triggering the actual loading of the sample map and not the user.

  • @d-healey Ok..... thank you for correcting me... 🙂 👍

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