Noise when switching presets

  • I get quite loud pops and clicks when changing presets. I've got quite a lot going on in my FX chain so its hard to pin down which units are to blame. Plus, weirdly, the pops will go through the reverb and delay units even when their mix functions are at zero.

    Can anyone recommend a way to, I dunno, fade the master volume out and back in super quickly when switching presets? Or is there another way of eliminating this noise?

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Figure out what is causing the problem. Bypass all fx and enable one at a time until the problem occurs, then try to see if it's down to one fx or a combo.

  • @DanH I reckon this has been asked a few times a while ago. Maybe a search in the forum could help

  • @DanH Generally convolution reverb and Shape FX causes pops. You need to bypass the units one by one to find out the cause.

  • @ustk It has I know but I couldn't find a solution that fits my needs yet

  • @orange @d-healey yup, pretty certain its the Shape FX causing it. I was trying to script it on / off when switching presets as I thought my preset buttons were Momentary, but they weren't so that's gone out the window! Was thinking a timer perhaps?

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