Hire a Freelance Developer....

  • Hello guys...we have been peaking at this forum for a while and checking out the activity. We think Hise is going to be an amazing system.

    Would there be any developers interested in a work for hire/freelance work on a Hise library?

  • ..eeeer its started already....

  • Hmmm...not sure if that is a bad thing. Wouldn't that be a good thing that people are interested in Hise as a viable solution in the marketplace?

  • It is a good thing, I don't know if there are many people though who are experienced enough with HISE yet to take on freelance work beyond something quite simple and "low risk".

  • Oh yes, its a good thing, sorry if I gave the impression otherwise. It's just, as Dave says, it's very very early in the life cycle of HISE to see this sort of request.

    Dave and I (amongst others here I'm sure) are Freelance Developers for "that other Kplatform", and as Dave was nearly as early on HISE as me, and he's done A LOT more work here than any one else, I think he's right - too soon I'm afraid - I suggest you wait until he (or I or someone else), has released a product (or two) and ask again.

  • Hi, guys.

    I'm a software developer with 20 years of general experience. I'm interested in help with this platform.
    Feel free to mail me at diazrm@gmail.com if you need to hire someone to help you.

    Best regards,

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