Wierd Issue With Fonts On Mac

  • Hey Folks, Hope All Is Doing Well

    Just Faced With A Very Strange Issue With Fonts On Mac.
    The UI Fonts Looks Very Nice On Windows, But By Importing Them Into My Mac, They Get Like 4 Size Bigger Than What I've Designed.
    And I Had To Change The Fonts One By One To A Lower Number That Fits To The UI!!!

    Any Suggestion On This?

  • Okey It Was A Font Compatibility Problem.
    Not All Fonts Made For Cross Platforms,
    And Not All Perform Well.

  • I recently ran into the same exact issue. Had to resize all my fonts on MAC
    How did you trace it down to compatibility?

  • @dustbro Sir,
    First I Used A Font Called Averta, It Translate Very Well In Both Mac And Pc.
    Then I Used Another One, The Font First Gets Crazy In Windows, I Resized Everything And Once I Moved The Project To Mac, Same Thing Happend Again.

    And, All I Did Was To Revert Back To The Working Font.

  • It's Still There.
    Mac Fonts Doents Match To What I Designed In Windows,
    I'll Try With A Working One, To Confirm If This Happens With Hise Or What!!!

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