Loadable instruments

  • I know this has been partially covered already with the idea of loadable sound sets, but here's my scenario, as usual I may have missed this in the documentation.

    I'm just finishing up a ROMpler product, its in Kontakt and its got a custom UI and a custom set up for routing, effects and modulation etc. There are over 120 instruments, so the user opens Kontakt and can load "instruments" these contain the UI, the effects and group set ups, the modulations etc.

    I may have this entirely wrong but as far as I can see I'd need 120 different separate plugins to get the same level of instruments using HISE… of course I may be missing the point entirely...

  • I don't quite understand the problem. In KONTAKT you have 120 nki patches in your folder and the user can combine them in one KONTAKT instance and assign different MIDI channels to it.

    The same thing will be possible in the HISE Player (which is currently in a very early development stage), so no, you don't need 120 plugin instances for this task.

    The idea behind the HISE Player is to export multiple presets you designed in HISE into one library which will appear as one item in the library list of the HISE Player (I didn't reinvent the wheel here, this is exactly what the KONTAKT Player offers).

    The only thing that is different from KONTAKT is that I didn't implement any multi functionality - I really never used this myself and I know almost no other library that makes use of multis, because it imposes a workflow to the end user (one instance per multi).

    You can of course combine multiple presets to another preset thanks to the container module structure.

    The end user will not use HISE to playback the patches, it is designed as some kind of developer backend system.

    And sorry about the incomplete documentation, but I try to use the time I have to add new features and fix bugs than to keep the documentation for the end user up to date (documenting the source code is tedious enough).

  • OK, good I guess I'm just trying to confirm that when you say "multiple presets you designed" this is samples and fx routing.

    ..and MULTI functionality…meeeh, never used them myself, but I know lots of people do...

    Incomplete documentation? Clearly complete documentation EVENTUALLY would be nice, but not during this phase, no one should expect that.

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