Slider Text Popup

  • Howdy. I'm trying to get a slider to popup the gain value from an EQ, but I'm also using the Slider to control a Macro (to work across multiple nodes and EQs), so the actual value of the slider is different than the value it's sending to the EQ.

    Is there a way to do this without making a bunch of labels?

    If not, how can I show/hide a label to sync with the click event of a slider?

    Update: Made it work by hiding the label with a 100ms timer that restarts in the slider control callback.

  • @iamlamprey A snippet would be good to help, but I think in your case making the slider from a scriptPanel would be more natural. So in its mouseCallback you can call for a popup to show without the need for a timer

  • @ustk I'll take a squiz at the documentation, thanks! 🙂

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