AM and FM synthesis?

  • Is it possible to add amplitude or frequency modulation patchability, so you have one audio source/sample set as the modulator... and another sample set as the carrier?

  • Hey Dorian,

    Do you mean something like the Synthesizer Group ? When you add a Synthesizer Group in the Master Chain and enable FM, you can add Sound Generators as Carrier and Modulator. Should also work with Samples..


  • Thanks a lot Dominik. So in this way, it would be possible potentially to use a sine wave (also modulate-able of course with ENV or whatever) to FM modulate sample sets?

  • Jep, works. Freaky tin-can sounds, though. 🙂
    Actually its a lot of fun.

  • Can get very interesting when you start putting envelopes and stuff on the modulator though! e.g. just using it to colour transients and weird things like that 😉

  • Yes, the synthesiser group is fun, however I have written this module a while back and never actually used it so it might be a bit unstable (there were a lot of changes and if things are not regularly used they start getting buggy. Let me know when you encounter crashes there - curiously a similar request came up yesterday on another project.

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