OSX Logic Validation crashes

  • Is anyone having trouble getting Logic to validate their AU since Scriptnode update? I only updated to Scriptnode recently but every AU I make crashes the Logic AU validation process (the report says PASS after every section!).

    My current way around it is to compile an AU in an older version of HISE (I have to lose a couple of newer features for this), and then overwrite that AU with one compiled in Scriptnode (with the features put back in).

    Not sure this will be helpful for a sellable version however...

    PS - VST2/3 working on OSX and Windows, as is Standalone on both platforms. AU appears to work in Ableton also...

  • @DanH Have you tried re-validating the plugin from the "Plugin manager"?

  • @orange Yes, it passes all the tests and then.... crashes the Validation tool 😆

    It's always been a bit of a lottery to be honest, even before scriptnode, but that seemed to be largely down to choosing a Plugin Code that worked.

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