Extracting a sample monolith

  • If I distribute my sample library as a VST + separate sample monolith is it possible for the user to extract the samples from the monolith? Or can the monolith be opened in HISE?

  • The monolith data does not contain information about how long each sample is and where it begins, it's just a stupid chunk of signal data (it even doesn't contain the sample rate). The information where to cut it and how to map it is stored in the SampleMaps of your HISE project which is embedded in the binary. Now if you want users to be able to open the samples in HISE, just publish the SampleMap files (which you need to do anyway to comply with GPL). With the sample map and the monolith, the samples can be loaded into HISE, viewed and edited (and probably even exported back to their original file names, but I am not 100% sure on that one).

  • Excellent that's what I wanted to hear 🙂

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