How to enable velocity/panning detection from a DAW ?

  • Hello ! I just discovered HISE and I'm truly amazed, you guys did an awesome job !
    I have a question about the velocity/panning detection from a DAW.

    I am using LMMS, so in the pianoroll I can set the velocity & panning (from 0% to 200%) for each note but I can't figure out how to set HISE to detect that velocity/panning changes to follow what the pianoroll says.

    I'm sure it's already a feature in the software but I really don't know how to enable it.

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  • Hi Tonito,

    welcome to the forum. Velocity information is processed by a Velocity Modulator, which you have to add to the targets (filter frequency, gain, etc) that you'd like to modulate. Not sure what panning is - I don't know LMMS but I can imagine it is using a CC for this so you can just add a StereoFX and put a Control Modulator there - but beware with the current 1.0 version the StereoFX crashes, there is a fix for this already online but you'll have to compile it yourself or wait for the 1.0.1 release.

  • Hey Christoph !
    Thanks for your quick reply !
    I just added a velocity modulator and it worked perfectly !
    The pan is just how the note is in the space like left, right. I tried to load a StereoFX but yeah it crashed, so I'll learn how to compile the source when I'll have some time.