Convolution Reverb Constantly Crashes Exported Plugin

  • Hello all,

    I've had consistent issues with the convolution reverb module in all my plugin testing. It's very fickle and seems to crash my plugin regardless of the DAW or standalone app. It's been happening for my testers as well.
    Note: I'm using IPP and the flag is enabled. The settings for the convolution module are the default and the only control for the user is a wet/dry knob.

    Crashed Thread: 117 Thumbnail Generator
    Crashed Thread: 0 MainThread Dispatch queue:

    More often than not, the crash logs point to a thumbnail generator (possibly some unnecessary waveform updating?) or on the Main Thread. Has anyone else encountered this issue with the convolution FX module?

  • I have a couple of projects that use convolution without any crashes. I have other issues, but no crashes 😹
    Can you post a simplified snippet that we could look at?

  • @dustbro Ok, well that's encouraging! Let me try to extract a simple snippet and post. Thanks!

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