• Quick question before I end up down this rabbit hole, can I set more than one group as active?

    • I have a round robin situation where I have 4 sounds, and I want sound 1 to always play - and to "add in" sounds 2 to 4 randomly....

    I know I can do it with 2 samplers but this would be more efficient I think...

  • You cannot. It's either all groups or one group at a time. I did make a feature request post for this ages ago but it's not been implemented yet. I haven't looked at the code myself so I don't know if it's an easy thing to do or not.

    I think in general more manipulation of groups would be a good thing. Stuff like routing and controlling volume/pan etc. Although I don't know if this breaks the HISE paradigm.

    I think the only way you can do what you want with a single sampler is to map the samples into the same group and use velocity/key range to separate the rrs.

  • @d-healey -- yeah, thanks --- bummer...

  • @d-healey - what happens if I just put all the sounds in the same group, just sitting over each other - I assume they would all play?

  • @Lindon Yeah

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