Where is the Latest and Working Hise Scriptnode/Sorce Code Please?

  • Hello to the Hise Community! I am trying to finish up a project and meet a deadline and I have a couple of issues I really need help with.

    I am a noobie to Hise... Absolutely love this program! However, If I can get these minor issues solved I'll well on my way and in good shape 🙏

    1. Finding and building the latest and working release. I have downloaded and attempted to build the HISE-scriptnode_codegen_rewrite but there is a missing file in the code (mcl_editor) preventing me from building that version. I also tried the HISE-scriptnode version which also failed. (all ASIO and VST3 SDK, IPP installed and in correct place)

    2. I am currently using the Hise-master version which built fine for me. However, when I attempt to export to VST, I get the following error:
    build vst error.PNG
    Looks like a file is missing or the folder structure was mistyped. I don't know how to solve this without the just_vst3headers.h file

    3. Do I need to place script in the on_control callback if I have inline functions in the init callback? I assumed that I would need on_control callbacks so I added some in. When I save my project and come back, all my script has been erased. Not sure what to do.

    Any help would be so much appreciated guys! Thank you.

  • Latest scriptnode is working here (not the codegen branch).

    How many copies of the source code do you have on your system?

  • 😆 I have about 4 different versions trying to get to the latest working release.

    I just had success building the Hise-scriptnode. So that is solved.

    When I export my project using the new Scriptnode version, I still get the same error regarding the base/source/flock.cpp file. After some digging, I found that file is actually in the VST3_SDK/base/thread folder. Any ideas?

  • Having more than one copy of HISE sourcecode on your system is a sure fire way for things not to work (unless you know what you're doing).

  • @d-healey Each version is isolated in it's own folder, I am pointing to the correct Hise-scriptnode folder for the Hise path. This is the error that keeps popping up...build vst error.PNG

    I'll try removing the other folders and see if there is any difference. Anybody else ever come across this?

  • If it's pointing to the correct folder why does the error say hise-master?

  • @d-healey Sorry that was an old image from the Hise-master export but the error is the same with the Hise-scriptnode.


  • @Mwinston the flock.cpp message is (if I recall correctly) because you dont have your SDK folder structure set up correctly... can you post a screen shot of that?

  • @Lindon Thanks Lindon. You are correct and I was able to find a post that helped me solve the problem... however, for anybody seeing this post, the VST SDK folders have to be rigged a bit to get it to work if you are getting this error.

    See @dustbro post here: https://forum.hise.audio/topic/1444/vst-export-failed/82

    that solved it for me!

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