Script drop down

  • Is there a shortcut key to make this menu popup? Also could you add a feature so that the back and forward buttons on a mouse let you switch between the items in this menu (like tab switching in Sublime Text)?

    alt text

  • Nice suggestion, I need to come up with a shortcut that isn't consumed by the code editor yet. But are the forward / backward buttons on a mouse standardised hot keys? I thought this is heavily dependent on the model / manufacturer.

    BTW, you can also "undo" and "redo" switching of those items using the "Undo / Redo" buttons on the main bar.

  • I'm not sure if they're standardized, I know on some fancy mouses they can be reassigned. I suggest CTRL+R for that drop-down, only because it's the one used by Sublime Text. Can HISE's editor auto-complete functions from included files? In Sublime I've set up a ton of snippets for a lot of my custom library functions so I don't have to remember all of their names and parameters it would be good if there was a similar feature in HISE.

  • Yes, the autocomplete shows all functions and variables available (since the last compilation). You can even add a descriptive comment using /** ... **/ on the line before the function and it will show up in the popup.

    Also you can right click the function call and use Jump to definition which will open the location of the function definition.

  • Alright, I've just pushed a change that enables the mouse buttons 4 + 5 to scroll through tabs of the code editor.

    There are two modes:

    1. By default, the mouse buttons scroll through the different callbacks (and external files) of a script editor. But:
    2. If the code editor is in a tab container (like in the scripting workspace) AND the container has more than 1 tab , then pressing those buttons will scroll through the tabs. This allows you to jump between selected code locations and not having to iterate through all callbacks (it also retains the positions).

    I had to hack around in the internal OS APIs to enable this so out of lazyness this feature is currently Windows only (but if someone heavily needs this on OSX, I'll add this).

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