Trigger LFO Mod in FX section

  • Is there any way to trigger an lfo modulator in the (GLobal?) FX section (rather than in a Processor/Synth/Sampler FX section)?

  • Do you mean like this?

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  • Thanks David, I mean trigger with a midi note, so it does the same modulation every time a new note is played (like it does when placed in a Processor chain)

  • @DanH I didn't know that was a thing!

  • @d-healey If you disengage 'Legato' it shld work 🙂 (but not in the master FX chain:()

  • Does it work when used as a global modulator?

  • @d-healey No. I assume I can't do it for probably the same reason you can't have Envelopes or Voice Starts modulate FX in the master chain

  • @DanH Did you ever manage to find a way to get the LFO within a Gain module to be triggered by a Midi Note?
    I'm hoping to make use of this functionality for an FX plugin.

    @ustk I remembered a while back you were working on a neat vowel simulator style plugin and you were planning to make use of midi triggering. Did you manage to get anything implemented for this?

    Any guidance on how to trigger an LFO using an external midi note would be greatly appreciated.


  • @LeeC I don't think this is possible for FX instruments as there's no Midi in...

    Happy to be told otherwise though!

  • @LeeC Thinking about it perhaps there's some sort of a way to make it respond to gain level. What is it exactly that you're thinking of?

  • @DanH Yeah I was looking specifically for Midi triggering. I had a feeling that this was possible from memory but obviously not. Cheers though!

  • @DanH said in Trigger LFO Mod in FX section:

    @LeeC I don't think this is possible for FX instruments as there's no Midi in...

    Happy to be told otherwise though!


  • @ustk Do you know what messages it receives? Pretty sure I've tried this before and not seen any difference, maybe need to try again!

  • @DanH yeah you get access to all standard controllers and notes

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