Scriptnode Core peak and modulation "error".

  • I am using the scriptnode core peak to modulate a frequency on an allpass filter.
    What I want it to do is to modulate around a specific frequency. Pos Neg.
    I am a bit confused as to how its supposed to work.

    1. SetValue , is strange , If I set it to sweep from 20 to 20000 its fine .

    But when I set it to sweep from say 800 to 20000 it starts getting strange .
    Then it looks like it does not use the sine modulator to modulate from 800 to 20000 but rather that the sine gets clipped at 800 on the negative portion , so essentially it stops for a while and then goes positive again.

    Even stranger , if I change the pos/max value to say 5000 it does not do the same for the positive going sine.

    1. Add is also strange, when I set it to add, it modulates from the set value on the knob , adds to it , which makes sense . BUT.. lets say I have a sine , the negative portion of the sine gets clipped when it hits the value of the knob.

    So for the ADD function it should be able to add and subtract from the center value.

    I might be encountering the wrong logic of the modulators in HISE again, but if anyone has a solid understanding of how this should work I would love to hear it.

    I can use an add or subtract math to offset the modulator maybe ?

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