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  • Hi people. my problem does not concern hise directly but as here there are a lot of people who think correctly i would like to present my project to you. I would like to create a very simple guitar vst. the notes will be triggered via buttons that I will position on all the strings. ( one hundred ). until then it is easy to do. the problem is that on a guitar, it has several possibilities of making the same notes at the same pitches but necessarily of different sound. for example the E, we do it on 3 octaves (first string, 3rd string and last string). you can also make an E with the first string on the 2nd octave which will sound almost like the E of the 3rd string (by pressing the second fret of the grid of course). I don't know if you understood the trick ^^ so how do you import the samples into a sampler? we could play on the velocity but it is already used with the volume and a light filter. on my keyboard in the end I don't know how to differentiate these famous duplicate notes. I don't know if that s a question or a cry for help. ^^ I am interested in all the ideas. I may think it over, it's still complicated. ps: I have thought of making several samplers and activating them or not according to the height of the left hand of the guitar ... here πŸ™‚ sorry for the google translation

  • Don't use buttons! Use a panel. I've was working on a guitar engine last year, it's quite complex. The GUI has to be in the non-realtime thread but update when real time notes are triggered.

  • @d-healey it is beyond my skills. i am limited on using hise thanks to the forum help on some pretty simple stuff. the guitar is really too complicated. I could do a simple version using basic octaves but that wouldn't really sound. I bought myself a nice fender and sampled in my TLM 107 and Universal audio preamp. that sounds really good. hence this idea

  • The simplest way is to not worry about the same note on multiple strings, just record one version of each note and map them like a standard keyboard instrument.

    As soon as you start recording notes across multiple strings you have to start handling the user interaction in a different way, like making sure that only one note can be triggered per string, and that legato transitions happen in a realistic way. It gets complicated quickly.

    If you want a more full featured instrument then when I finally finish my guitar engine we can talk about collaborating on a release, you can provide the samples and I'll provide the code, but that won't be until next year.

    I made some posts on Patreon about my guitar engine earlier in the year. This is how it was looking in February

    7df94ba9-8864-4a7b-9171-7a106a403791-image.png .

  • @d-healey it will be a pleasure

  • @yall the most realistic libraries - keep a note of the hand position - so if the hand position is at its lowest point (fret 0) then the decision about which "middle" e to play is simple - its the one you recorded from fret 2 of the D string - if the hand position is (say) at fret 5 then the E to play is the one you recorded from fret 7 on the A string...

  • Yep, Lindon's right, it gets complicated πŸ˜„


  • @d-healey @Lindon

    I thought of something. it may or may not be possible ^^
    let's imagine that the 6 guitar strings correspond to 6 notes of the keyboard (for example the 6 first notes at the bottom of the keyboard).
    and that the rest of the keyboard is assigned to all the notes (even those in duplicate). is it possible to select a note (for example an E and in A) but they are played only if I press on the first and third string (the part of the 6 notes reserved for the strings at the bottom of the keyboard)? basically a keyboard that selects the note but which only plays it if you press one of the 6 keys reserved for the strings.
    to play live it would be really complicated but with a midi grid it can do it. here is my super twisted idea of ​​the day ^^

  • @yall That would work. In my image above you can see the 6 blue keys, they are used to force a particular note to be played on a specific string, so similar to your suggestion.

  • @d-healey a real coding puzzle for me. and sampling too ^^

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