Phase offset of Modulator in scriptnode.

  • I am working on an ensemble effect and for that I need to be able to offset the phase of the modulators.

    0´, 120´ and 240 degrees.

    I know I can invert with a math mult but is there any way to accurately offset the phase ?

    Also , can I join two LFO shapes ?...That does not seem to work , I an connect two lfos into one destination but only one of them seems to work.

    Tried a delay on one modulator but that does not seem to do anything, am I doing something wrong , I would expect to be able to delay a signal even though its an osc/lfo ?
    Accurate phase offset is pretty essential to make any complex modulations , especially for an ensemble to not hear the loopiness.

  • So, after a bit of testing it seems like I can use a fix delay to offset the Osc/LFO.
    This works in a test project using an oscilloscope.

    But when I use the Peak , i cannot see the offset .

    Doing some more testing

  • So, I have a functioning Ensemble module employing the principles of vintage string synth ensemble fx.
    I think I got everything right but I am having this high freq chirp that is kind of ruining it.
    I should be able to modulate stk.delay_l without artifacts ,right ?


  • @lalalandsynth Tutorial please 🙂

  • @d-healey I might do that as soon as I get rid of the artifacts and it sounds like I want.

    Not quite there ...for some reason , bit paranoid about whether i am doing something wrong or whether there is a bug/artifact. 🙂

    Hmm.. actually,it sounds pretty great with just the waveform generator !

    Also, its very hard to work on as its always crashing 🙂

    But seems that I have my 120degree offset , not sure its phase accurate though as I am using delays.
    In the original its might not be super accurate either but at least its stable in its offset , using delays they might be constantly varying as they drift apart ?

    btw , it would be super useful to be able to trigger the scope as well as set the time .
    Its semi stable at 88 hz but anything else and its visually useless ...for me at least.
    So I have to do testing at 88hz and then hope it still works on other freq.


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