Update AudioWaveform after loading new sample map

  • I've tried a couple things here but they all result in crashing for the compiled plugin. Hoping to find some leads if anyone else has some ideas!

    Essentially, you can link an AudioWaveform component to a sampler, and it will display the waveform for the set sample index on compile, but if you change the sample map after compiling, the waveform won't update.

    Note: You can set the sample index to -1, but then it won't update the waveform until a note is pressed and will update the waveform with every new note press, which is not the behavior I'm looking for.

    I've tried setting the sample index to 1 before preload and then back to 0 post-preload, but this results in consistent crashing. I also dug through the API calls in the cpp and don't see any other special calls for the AudioWaveform, so I'm a bit lost here.


  • @Lunacy-Audio just run into this problem as well!

  • Christoph fixed the issue a few months back. I asked about it in another post here.

    It should be fixed in the newest commit of scriptnode.

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