Action Collect external files into Project folder does not update sample paths

  • When using action Collect external files into Project folder and selecting to copy samples to project folder, samples files are copied, but paths are not updated in Sampler configuration. When removing original files, Sampler cannot find samples and has to be reconfigured.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. In HISE, Create new Sampler instance and load new sample file e.g. C:\test\test.wav
    2. Select Tools -> Collect external files into Project folder, in dialog select Copy everything (including samples)
    3. Save instrument and close HISE
    4. Rename original sample file to e.g. C:\test\test2.wav
    5. Load previously created instrument

    Expected result: Instrument loads correctly
    Actual result: Instrument is missing sample file

    Environment: Mac OS El Capitan, HISE standalone

  • Thanks for reporting this. I'll try to fix it, but consider this function as last resort if you started a project without knowledge of the HISE project system. The problem is that you can also store Samplemaps as dedicated XML files and gripping through all sample map files and changing the reference is not trivial.

    BTW, if you rely on the samples of being on another hard drive for example, you can also enable "Redirect Sample folder". This will create a shortcut in the actual HISE project folder with the target location and use the relative path system from then on. So in your case, it would create a LinkWindows file in your Samples folder that points to C:\testand then store the file reference as {PROJECT_FOLDER}test2.wav}.

  • Hi Christoph,
    thank you for the reply. I will have look at HISE project system to be sure where to put samples in order to be portable to another computer. Also sample maps need more studying on my side.

    Redirect Sample Folder seems interesting, thank you. On Mac I sometimes place sample libraries on different hard drive and then create filesystem link. Being able to do that from sampler is very comfortable.

    I discovered HISE several days ago and it has impressive set of features while being easy to use for common scenarios. I especially appreciate mapping samples automatically by file name and round robins are breeze. Thank you for this nice piece of software!

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