vuuuu meter.... vu meter? vu meter master?

  • Hello, I am desperately looking for how to make a vu meter master with a slider.
    I have already done a vu meter with a script present on the forum but it does not answer what I need.
    I need 2 slider because 2 different film strip.
    L = film strip oriented left
    R = film strip oriented to the right.
    I tried to duplicate the code given on the vu meter master forum but it does not work, it simply duplicates it and impossible to separate my 2 flim strip.
    here is complicated all that, I tear my hair ^^
    whoever finds me the solution, I send him a package of sausages from France or some good wine 🙂

  • Nobody like french sausage?^^

  • Hmm, wine is never a bad thing 😍

    Sounds like the design for the VuMeter you want won't really work with the VuMeter script because you're using image and the script is using graphics to draw the lines.

    However, it's totally possible and you can easily adapt the VuMeter script to update the film strip value rather than draw lines based on the value.

    These functions will be your best friend in this situation. You need to grab the value of the left and right, and then update the position of each film strip based on those values.

    lvalue = getNormalizedPeakValue(Engine.getMasterPeakLevel(0));
    rvalue = getNormalizedPeakValue(Engine.getMasterPeakLevel(1));

    Here's a great example for how you can draw filmstrips using the graphics module:

    You'll need to pull some code from there and embed it in the VuMeter for your design to work.

  • An interesting trick that sometimes saves time is to use just a static image of the meter and use an inverted Vector meter on top of it to reveal the meter , which looks like its animating up and down.

  • @Lunacy-Audio thank you I will try this solution 🙂 and if it works I will post the extract

  • @lalalandsynth @Lunacy-Audio
    I just spent 2 hours trying to understand. and I still don't understand ... I really can't, don't you have an extract to share?
    the @lalalandsynth method can be really interesting however my saw meter is not straight but rounded like an arc of a circle.

  • they look like that!VU HISE.png

  • I'm pretty sure all you need to do is make a VuMeter object as you normally would with the extra script, but in the timer callback you need to set the value of your custom sliders to the left and right master peak levels. That's really it – everything else is already taken care of.

    So basically:

    • Create a VuMeter object by calling createVuMeter()

    • In the VuMeter script, you'll want to comment out the widget.setPaintRoutine() section because you don't need to draw anything now.

    • At the bottom of the timer callback, simply update the value of both of your sliders using the lvalue = getNormalizedPeakValue(Engine.getMasterPeakLevel(0)); rvalue = getNormalizedPeakValue(Engine.getMasterPeakLevel(1));

  • @LightandSound in fact, i have tried all the solutions and it is for me impossible to separate the right and the left with 2 different film strip. there is also the following problem, the vu meter must only be 127 * 167 in size or its proportionality otherwise it does not work. for my case i managed to do some weird stuff but which worked. i created a transparent shape with photoshop. a kind of background image with my 2 seen without background. and at the level of the script I simply duplicated my saw metress and the boards moved so that they are as wide as possible. now my saw meter works but it's still a hack

  • @yall Post your two film strips and I'll try to upload a snippet. This should be fairly straightforward, so I'm confused as to where you're getting stuck. The VuMeter can be any size you want and you can absolutely separate the right and left with 2 different film strips.

  • @Lunacy-Audio it's this code
    maybe you will manage to integrate a strip film for the right and one for the left. but me impossible .thank you for your help

    Content.makeFrontInterface(600, 500);

    /** Creates a VU-Meter from a filmstrip for the master volume. /
    * Creates a VU-Meter from a filmstrip for the master volume. */
    inline function createFilmStripVuMeter(name, x, y, isLeft)
    local widget = Content.addPanel(name, x, y);

    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON(name, {
      "width": 130, // this uses the exact dimensions of one filmstrip
      "height": 65,
      "opaque": true // opaque is important in order to increase the drawing performance
    // Put the image in your image folder
    widget.loadImage("{PROJECT_FOLDER}vu_meter_128_frames.png", "filmstrip"); = 0.0; = isLeft;
    // Set the initial image 
    widget.setImage("filmstrip", 0, 0);
    	// Get the peak value from the master output
    	var newValue = Engine.getMasterPeakLevel( ? 0 : 1);
    	if(newValue > = newValue;
    		// Just decay the current value (0.92 controls the decay time) = * 0.92;
    	// Calculate the filmstrip index
    	// this must be an integer value
    	// 84 is used instead of 128 because 84 is ~0dB which is
    	// more accurate for this example filmstrip
    	var index = parseInt( * 84.0);
    	// If you just want to paint one image, 
    	// you don't need the paint routine, but
    	// just use this method
    	// the yOffset is index * heightOfFilmstrip
    	this.setImage("filmstrip", 0, index * 65);	
    return widget;


    const var VuMeterLeft = createFilmStripVuMeter("VuMeterLeft", 11, 10, false);
    const var VuMeterRight = createFilmStripVuMeter("VuMeterRight", 160, 10, true);

  • All you need to do is this:

    • Make two sliders and assign the film strips to them in the HISE interface

    • Create an Engine timer which updates each slider's value according to the left and right output

    It works in this basic example below.

    HiseSnippet 1342.3oc4X0saaTDEd1jLUwNMnVTQhKWUUgbjJA6ze.TEpaqiSkg3Zq3PZ6EnxjcO1dHyNypcGmVqp9RvMbKOJbMOEk2.dCfyr+3cbqIw0TPUfuxy4mY9N+er6Eq7gjDULwoxgSh.hyEo8mH0iZNhwkj16RbVm1KFR.M49ShXIIP.wwY0GX35TYMR5me+t2mIXRenjDgbjh6C6yC45Rp879FtPrGK.NjGZI8M8Z6qjMUB0XDIqRqShX9mvFBOjYDaEJw4BsB3ZUbeMSCIDm0tuJXR+QpmIyj+HdB+XAXNzfzGunLx6oDAFDa9No4HtHnWgEmPHNzdk1+pY1+Unc3A7ozK8CWJkgaoF19CmUNK30XIgmiE7VKCdWl12OlGoK4Xv1Fz1RMDOfgg.aXkIKYkKsBsoBkPp2NjcBrWLdXpF0tU85W28l0qu0c1r5lUw.Qh18TVrq.Fn6.nTtekag5CAcSUXjRhGpc08Kj3pFcK0LlObz4n5ASE4pYuaLLzUiYEFUZIGxkv19w.5NMoJwcO9G.ecMinoBsMlQlxnISHNFSVpMXrzWyUxZaU8EUqLE6FAOhIFC0xuTDFcXIHmd.6j8gSAQs5as0cprY0JkvdQzpgQqpuz.opEfRyhyfUsaftypEXxUIenRCcyAW0WV080YMXvb4YbdwJg.uw4wN6sNCEqIGGdLDecLrfVyTAw7oYSX2XwRX8yhkVBpjskbc2HH+bYJsgWlUWvsNYpwZSpzFsolE1eSwJI8lULj7bMr1YsbwQQ0oUNePdkSeAO.hI7.SqsiThwXGlTmSd6ne9A+1udWxBnMk1iImQ0rOKfpaPmV4rbWvEok0Oy4F9116xzLSGjbGB5jhfXM2Dpc1ENEaMm0OoBcWH4DsJJ0ikWchcaOee1yQOfy24PHSLe4P7UiJhDsQ49H5iXmBCTwgtO.jPLCS1Zfs0iwN5HnMhbAZ5XDh06V4b71OepY9pwdSJO78dg1CjdxuDxCBDPOUB2TOX6bd6QI9v6PBYO2598VLPaGmKU26wVP26IdI5IlJspziLgHelfLfKBSz3k0NDGBRbtF8E8Nn6W2p4gOcut6uaqCdYJZ49eV1iscjbH4Y7.8nRL1zaDXxQJeoi8vlA8MWqYBE8Ku8Lt90Wrjszv9OQxC6A3Wd2Bepymf2YAzoN+X5dCuwbPbZrJXrvDurGQaRnxYXB61yBMy6jX5vD68VdKlaWetysaLutPKHbuLsGW6OZ93ck4fWrf9eZ7luEzlzVCFfCbKA6Zz8d7xtxyxAkqjAkMRKQSWJMEHyuj8uX4zzl4K3xoQK7xoc80HDNLlIShTIPC6a903siMucA8X4rhmQZFoLl2dn4YI25dED2wlH1XZlKKsQk04NbqdVu5tsjLLfzGPqInahOZrFemc4PuwhD3QlBwF1JVRdGaxNqtTK8NaMpk7umrf969B8+98kVcwf647aHpTfw97vHAzRhqwh6EjhwODWDX.arPWPc1ZpNJoJZjRx8sSvN.vt7CGByjDMWC5dZMtjdIkq3c.H.VhUc1071G2zlEi9IXI8EMVbewYEu9XZFbcMMBb+uw7jU+e+7jytBE6U9dPj9.0XMWNrCCqqLaZ8PbgMbriOfPUJAQhYknULa2kctt4rAP8AYP5g+.+jyrg4rSNyFEL+W4MBY9wpm5m8CYLkdqmRAsaY5+nSEZGyY2FE+3EJs910I3V67m56axN9Tz+Lec1YIz4FKgN2bIz4VKgN2dIz4yWBc9hyTGyry6MVqByx+QB8Zk9iHcbx1aHsTf7m.CgwXQB

  • @Lunacy-Audio
    This Is Strange, None Of This VU Meter Thing Works For Me.
    No Matter Mac Or PC, Or What Commit 😞

  • @Natanr Hmm, I tested it in three different HISE versions and it works in all of them.

    Does Engine.getMasterPeakLevel(0) return the proper values when you print it? Everything else is really standard. Just updating a slider value in a timer via the script.

  • I Exported Your Snippet , And In The End Plugin It Does Not Work.

    But In Hise Works Fine.
    Note: Additional Flag Are Already There In Preference But No Luck Here With Image Files. 🤔

  • @Natanr said in vuuuu meter.... vu meter? vu meter master?:

    Note: Additional Flag Are Already There In Preference But No Luck Here With Image Files.

    Ah I see. So you added ENABLE_ALL_PEAK_METERS=1?

  • @Lunacy-Audio Yeah I Did That 😞
    At The Moment I Use The @orange Snippet, For In/Out Out Meters,
    Work Smoothly But They Don't Go Very Well With Analog Style UI Designs 😞

  • @Lunacy-Audio for me it works. so many months of research for such a small code. I would almost be disappointed ^^ thanks for your help. little extra thing. i have compiled your version of hise with the maximized window. the plugin compiles but does not open

  • @NatanrI am using @d-healey 's branch and it is working fine. tests can be

  • @yall

    You Used That Enable Peak Meter = 1 Flag During The Build?
    Or In You Project Preferences?

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