CRASH: cannot use multimic features / fx / routing

  • Thanks for the detailed video, very helpful. I'll try to fix this ASAP. Meanwhile, if you save, close and load the instrument before adding the simple gain, does the problem go away (I also noticed some issues with adapting to the new channel amount which can be prevented by reloading the instrument after the merge).

  • Ah, nevermind, I figured it out: you can't use more than 8 files (and mono files get internally converted into stereo samples). If you use 7 stereo samples instead of 14 mono samples, the problem should go away

    But obviously it shouldn't crash but display a error message if you try to merge more than 8 files.

  • can you solve the problem without forcing me to convert/combine thousands of mono audio files into stereo?

  • if it's more efficient then... ok. won't be a simple task though. need to think of a way to do it practically.

  • Elan, you're the king of sample batch processing. I'm sure you come up with an clever way to do this 🙂

  • I am working on SALT which would have been able to do this easily, but it's not quite there yet. Otherwise, I would not have been able to avoid a ton of manual work of dragging files into REAPER, then ordering them, making sure they are lined up, etc. Or make a one-use script which would be a waste of time. So tired of that s***. SALT is the answer. Luckily the owner of these files can re-export for me in the appropriate stereo format.

  • What's SALT?

  • SALT stands for Scriptable Audio Library Tool and its goal is to go from raw recording to kontakt or hise or other sampler format much more efficiently than you could do even with all the REAPER scripts and actions in the world. REAPER is not suitable for many tasks, prone to frustrating mistakes, easily costing you hours of time trying to figure out where you went wrong along the way or trying to find that needle in the haystack where you made a mistake. These little mistakes can ripple out to bigger problems down the road. It's important to have a customizeable tool and informative interface that prevents these kinds of problems.

    Looping, autotuning, spectral editing, file management, sampler patch creation, REAPER project reading and rendering, etc. There is no release date and it is closed source. It is not for sale because it is lacking in many areas. The only way to get access to it is to talk to me on skype and support development via monthly funds or a large sum, won't be worth it for you unless you plan on using it extensively to support your sample library business/income.

  • This is fixed - it doesn't crash but shows a error while merging if you try to merge more than 8 stereo channels

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