HISE is muting my audio interface

  • This is a strange one. Using matrix routings for send-type effects has totally wrecked my project. So, basically, there are 6 internal channels, but if you don't disconnect the first two from the input of the outermost container, then all audio is muted from everywhere.

    But, wait!! There's more! As it turns out, this doesn't just mute the HISE output, it mutes my entire audio interface.....that's right, it mutes all audio on my computer, on an operating system level. LOL. Fail.

    Maybe this is some DC level signal HISE is transmitting, which is overriding my local hardware output? There is definitely not something right about this.

    I'm posting a snippet to demonstrate this, it's the last few elements necessary from the original project to be able to reproduce things on my end. If you enable/disable compression in the outer container, "Main Dynamics", it will mute/unmute audio coming from the Sine Wave Generator. However, that trick doesn't work in my original patch, so basically I think I may have to throw all that work away and start from scratch 😞

    I'm curious if anyone else can reproduce this (besides me and my partner, across 3 different machines). I'm running MacOS 10.14 here...

    Thanks for looking 🙂


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  • @amounra we wait in MASSIV hope and anticipation of bus-effects in V3.

  • I remember having an issue with the harmonic filter that mutes my system's audio too.

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