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  • hello, i have a problem with the panel controlled by buttons. I have a project where I use about ten panels. they are in fact menus. and in these menus there are submenus. This is why there is a lot of panel. in fact it's very easy to assign a button to a panel so that it is visible or not. however, sometimes there are little bugs that cause panels to not work. j explains. I have for example 5 panel so 5 buttons, I compile the script. and the buttons do not display panels or badly. to display panel 1 I must first click on the button for another panel. as if there was a default panel. once i click everything works fine. the control buttons of the panels are put on a radio group so that the user does not have to display and then remove the panel manually each time. so my question, how can i make this stuff possible without bug? that once the vst is compiled everything works naturally? sorry the translator is practical but not 100% efficient 🙂

  • @yall saveInPreset for your buttons.

  • @Lindon I'm on .... I have 260 presets ... I will have to re-record them one by one? ^^

  • @yall no idea - you could do a batch script (in say python) to update them all...

  • @Lindon how can i do this?

  • @yall said in Show panel problem:

    @Lindon how can i do this?

    well first set your buttons up to saveInPreset and make sure that resolves your problem...

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