static noise after exporting as VST

  • I've been using HISE for a few days now, and after some trial and error I was able to export one of my instruments as a VST and put it into my DAW (Cakewalk), but after trying it out the notes have a pretty noticeable crackle whenever a note is played that was not present for the recording, or even in HISE itself. Is anyone able to explain why it's there or how to fix it? Playing a note after it's set up as a VST The same note put into HISE

    As far as I'm aware I haven't changed anything to the notes in HISE, just saving it as a monolith and sending it off. Is there something going on when it exports, or is it even my DAW?

  • Turns out I accidentally hit DB +20 on the volume in my DAW at some point and never realized it. Fixed error of user.

  • @Dular That'll do it every time

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