Selecting Different Gui Themes through buttons

  • Has anyone been able to set something like this up as of yet? If so I would like to learn how to make this happen. Basically just have like a section to select different themes by clicking on different buttons.

  • Yea I did this a few years ago - - and I'm doing it now in my current project. A theme is just an object with a bunch of settings that you can reference in your script. It might contains colour codes, widget co-ordinates or dimensions, etc. You can make one file for each theme and load them as JSON or just use a single file.

    It's only really possible using vector graphics though as images can't be pooled unless they are assigned to widgets, and you'd need to have a new set of widgets for every theme which is impractical.

  • @D-Williams23 i have done this with pngs in other plugins not madein Hise but i just changed the main background image color.

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