Saving Sample Maps in Presets with Expansions in mind

  • Hello all!

    I'm trying to find the best way to do this and figured someone here might have a better solution. In terms of saving sample maps and presets, I know the common solution is to save a list of all the sample maps in a combobox and save the combobox with the preset. That's working great for me so far.

    However, there's an issue with this approach if you intend to add more sample maps at a later point, as you might do for an expansion with new audio content. In this case, the new samples maps will shift the values in the combobox list and break any previous presets.

    My hacky thought was to maintain an external JSON file with numerical ids linked to each sample map id, and then use a hidden knob to store the sample map numbers. Overall, this seems pretty clunky though. Are there any obvious solutions I'm missing?

    Thank you!

  • @Lunacy-Audio I have the same issue. And with over 50 expansion packs, I have to recreate the binaries with the new sample map list for the presets every time I want to add another expansion so it tends to be exhausting at points. Im currently working on trying to fix the current expansion system, this sounds like a good idea though.

  • Enumerate the samplemaps IDs if you plan to add more later on. If you're really picky, use trailing zeroes and remove the first characters on the UI.

  • Noted! Thanks guys.

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