Laggy HISE using standalone

  • I'm experiencing very very laggy HISE in standalone, but when I open HISEx64 in Cubase, it runs perfectly with no lag at all.
    At first I put it down to my system, but have now installed on another system, and same results

    This occurred even near the beginning of design when very little graphics and script were used at all, and is really strange

  • Are you using a non 100% dpi scale on windows?

  • I was, but changed to 100% to test - same result

    What I've realized is that HISE is not actually doubling the size on Retina at all - I thought it was, but that was just down to my 150% scaling, nothing to do with HISE... weird because I tried on two different systems and same result.

  • OK tried on a third system now and same problem. The only thing they have in common is that they all use a 4K monitor as either the main display, or one of a few (although changing resolution had no effect on the problem)

    All have different CPU, graphics card, motherboard, screen, audio interface etc - but all on Windows 10

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