Quickly map individual samples to multiple octaves

  • I have a chromatic scale sliced up into individual notes on one octave. I would like to map this quickly to the entire keyboard but rather than having C3 be pitched down all the way to the bottom and B3 be pitched all the way to the top to fill the gaps, I want each individual note to be pitched to each octave. So C3.wav would be pitched to C2 and C1 and B3.wav would be pitched to B4 B5 etc.

    I can do this by duplicating the samples and setting the key range to those notes but this is really tedious and I'm sure there is a clever script, but I'm pretty new and dumb. Any quick solutions? Thanks!!

  • @mafgar Just spread the sample across an octave with HiKey/LoKey. You must have Pitch Track enabled in the sampler playback settings section
    You can use the Filename Token Parser when importing those samples. If you use a proper naming, Hise will do everything automatically for you 😉

  • @ustk

    But then I have a bunch of overlapping samples.

    I dont want to map one sample across the keyboard chromatically, I want to map it to multiple individual octaves. C3.wav would be played on C2, C4 etc. With your method it is played on every note on the keyboard in a range. I want to be able to limit the range to individual octaves.

  • @mafgar open your samplemap - and see where you can edit it into the correct spots

  • lol I feel like no one is actually reading or understanding my question 🙂

  • There isn't a script to do this, but you can write one to do it.

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