HISE's Preset System

  • When saving a preset with the "save preset" floppy icon button, I can't find how to access it again from the instrument - it does end up in "UserPresets" but how do you access from the instrument?
    I only see .presets in the instrument if I save it inside a category in a bank.

    Also, would it be possible to also have .presets accessible inside a bank, so you can have .preset files as well as category folders inside a bank... as you might have some specific patches, and then a bunch which you want to further group so it's nice and organised e.g....


    and then a folder beneath it inside the same bank... "Strings", which contains:

    strings staccato.preset
    strings tremolo.preset

    Also - when compiling, will it be possible to remove the default keyboard and HISE toolbar controls, and access the preset browser with our own buttons and graphics, as well as modify some of the graphics inside the preset browser just to personalize it a bit? For example the plus/magnifying glass icons, and tweak the colours to blue say...?

  • I agree that I'll I need to add some flexibility to the preset system (the current one is build around the specifications of NSK).

    You can already hide certain elements of the topbar and the keyboard with a JSON object in the script:

    Content.makeFrontInterface(500, 500);
    var toolbarData = {
      "height": 32,
      "overlaying": false,
      "bgColour": 267386880,
      "cpuTempoVoicesShown": false,
      "presetShown": false,
      "tooltipBarShown": false,
      "keyboard": false,
      "knobsShown": false,
      "knobFilmStrip": "",
      "knobNumFilmStrips": 0,
      "outputMeterShown": true

    But the idea of the new HISE layout is to make this even more modular. However I'd like to keep the appearance of the Preset Browser consistent (but changing the colour will be possible (in fact it's already supported).

  • Ok thanks - it's a shame you can't add your own title graphic/art and icons etc, just small things to match to your own interface. I actually like how it looks and the layout, but it does stick out a tiny bit just with those small differences

  • Let me check, maybe I'll find a way to allow minor customization without breaking the consistency.

  • When removing HISE's default toolbar as you showed above - can we map our own graphics to these controls, and if so, how can we do that?

    Open preset browser
    previous preset
    next preset
    Preset name display
    Save preset
    CPU usage

    • and also, how can we change the colour of the preset browser?

  • This is currently only possible on the C++ side by giving it another colourId, but the new layout system makes this all customizable using JSON data - when it's ready 🙂

  • Is that for changing colour as well as the remapping I asked about in the message before?

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